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My Athena Greek Yogurt Bar

Athena Bars have 40 Antioxidants, 2 FULL servings of fruits & vegetable, 10 grams of protein & are packed with Probiotics ... but to be honest with you, we think the best part is the decadent Greek Yogurt coating & delicious, real blueberries! Now Featuring 2 more flavors including pumpkin spice, and pomegranate acai berry. Enjoy!
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My Athena Bar

This bar is nutrient-packed. With 40 antioxidants, 10 grams of protein and probiotics, the Athena bar has it all. Let’s not forget about the taste. With a greek yogurt coating and real blueberries, the Athena bar has a dessert-like taste without your typical dessert-like qualities (i.e. high calories, artificial flavorings and unhealthy ingredients). Give Athena a try today for a bar that won’t disappoint!